JavaLove Café - The Befores

Alrighty, we feel a little like we’re doing a Monty Python bit here (“Here’s one of Uncle Ted behind the woodshed. Here’s Uncle Ted in front of the woodshed…”) and you can rip them up as we go along if you like. (Ha! You can’t! They’re digital.)

We just had to show you the photos of the café space completely untouched - before carpets are ripped up, doors are moved, building fronts re-worked - in its current, um, pristine, 70’s-ish shape.

Almost everything you see here will change - the narrow side door w/ the awning will be gone, the front will lose its silly white-green-yellow siding - everything must go in a spectacular gutting. We’re all for preservation, but there’s nothing worth saving here - except for the original structure, and any Fun Surprises we may find as we uncover it. (We don’t know anything about the building’s history, prior to the L.A. Weekly using it for their Classified offices, but when we do find out, we’ll be delighted to share that with you.)

Meanwhile, our architect has moved with gratifying speed, and has preliminary drawings to show us on Wednesday - tomorrow!

We won’t be able to sleep tonight.

JavaLove Caf
é. Exceptional Organic Coffees & Teas. Fresh Artisanal Baked Goods. Stylish & Comfortable Setting. By Whedon Fans. Located in The Hungry Heart of Hollywood, and with website to follow. Currently digitally located on tumblr and twitter, soon to be located in the Real World at 6705 West Sunset Blvd. (will probably change to 6711), Hollywood, CA 90028.